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02 Oct


When an organization is faced with the need to evaluate and detect the social, intellectual and emotional skills that a person has, graphology allows to detect aspects that may be imperceptible in personal contact.

Being a projective technique, it acts in an interdisciplinary way and gives a different perspective in the management of human resources. Its purpose is to make decisions, take advantage of the strengths and minimize the impact of the weaknesses, through a proven methodology that complements other evaluation tools.


  • What is graphology and what use does it have in the world of companies?
  • Know what I want to see from a profile, be clear about the competence profile.
  • How to identify key competences through the traits of writing?
  • The person shows himself as he is, positive and negative aspects in relation to what I need for the position.
  • How to identify the capacity for teamwork?

Those who will attend: People who act in the HR field of the Organizations and who wish to improve their skills to identify the skills and talents of the candidates in Selection, Evaluation and Development.

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Location & Time
Av. Leandro N. Alem 449, PB - CABA. Living Room Patagonia – From 2 October 2018 03:30 to 11:00 hour

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