12 July 2018

Explosive growth tourism: good news, except for Amsterdam

The number of tourists in Holland rose by 9 percent to 42 million (in 2017 compared to 2016), according to recent figures from the CBS (Statistics Netherlands – Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek). This is the strongest growth in ten years. The increase is mainly due to  foreign guest: 18 million foreign guest stayed 44 million nights in Holland during 2017.

80% of the foreign guest still come from Europe, but the number of tourists from countries such as Russia (plus 36%) and China (26%) is rising rapidly.

The Netherlands attempts to spread tourism across the country seems to have failed until now. Amsterdam remains by far the most popular destination: 37 percent of all foreign guests went to the capital. The relationship between the various destinations in our country has hardly changed in recent years.


It seems that Amsterdam is becoming the new Venice, a city stolen by tourists!

Amsterdam now wants to solve the negative consequences of tourism. A major part of the problem is, it is said, is that the citizens of Amsterdam massively offer their homes or rooms via platforms such as Airbnb.

The municipality of Amsterdam wants to solve this and restrict holiday rentals. In neighbourhoods where 'the balance between living and working is disturbed, the intention is to impose a rental ban. Elsewhere in the city, the holiday rental period is set at a maximum of thirty days per year.  The municipality of Amsterdam expects this shortening to reduce the hustle and bustle of the city.

In addition, the municipality of Amsterdam imposes a number of conditions on the holiday rental. For example, houses can be rented out to a maximum of four people at the same time, and tourist and income tax must be paid. There must also be no question of nuisance.

Since last year, 1 October 2017, there has also been an obligation to report each rental period to the municipality of Amsterdam in advance. In this way, the municipality wants to prevent illegal holiday rental and nuisance. If homeowners do not comply with the obligation to report, they risk a substantial fine of up to 20,500 euros.

 Gerco Recter, Auren The Netherlands   

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