19 December 2018

Auren is among the top10 in Spain by volume of turnover in the Network sector

The renowned English publication International Accounting Bulletin has published on its website the ranking of the companies with the highest turnover in Spain, which Auren has managed to position itself in 7th place with revenues higher than 52 million euros.

This digital magazine provides data, news and analysis on mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes and financial results. At the beginning of each year, the International Accounting Bulletin launches a global survey that classifies the 40 leading networks and accounting associations, of which Auren is at the head one more year.

With these results, Auren is a settled company thanks to its presence during five years in the ranking of Spanish firms, not only increasing its presence in Spain but also growing in other countries, which thanks to its multidisciplinary services, values and ethics has achieved not only rank among the best but also stay in the list.



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