14 September 2017


International Accounting Bulletin published Latin American survey results; the International Accounting Bulletin is a monthly bulletin which provides exclusive surveys of accounting firms in leading and emerging markets, delivering over 20 country and regional surveys per year.

Auren is present in four countries in Latin America; Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, and in every country, we have been ranked within the best 20 firms, a great accomplishment.

In Chile, we achieved a top 15 ranks of 11h. Auren also performed well in Argentina, being ranked 8th and 11th in the income data category and number of employees respectively.

Being the second year Auren participated in the Colombia survey, it has been ranked within the top 15 as well, achieving a well-deserved 13th (income data) and 11th position (number of employees).

Auren was ranked 16th, in the Mexico survey, due to the increase of net revenue with the balance of the 13% growth attributable to new offices in the country.


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