25 April 2016

How to attract new clients in a global world

Chairman international of Auren and member the Small and Medium Practices Committee of the IFAC, Antoni Gomez, participated in IFAC Gateway Roundtable Series to discuss the challenges of attracting new clients in the accountancy profession.

This small talk (reproduced in a video) was after being reported on the results of the IFAC Global SMP Survey and how this data can help into challenges, opportunities, economic health of SMP and their clients.

For Gomez is important to offer value to clients in order to attract new ones in a complex scenario: globalization, competition and dynamic companies. For this reason, Gomez points out the skills of the accountants have for helping companies to improve the behavior and specialization of services. Communication of values is another challenge the accountants have to face, adds Gomez.

You can watch the videoHERE (minute 4:06).

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