5 October 2015

Meeting of Auren Portugal

This meeting was attended by almost all the colleagues from the offices of Oporto and Lisbon and started with some words from one of partners, Victor Ladeiro, who presented the new elements, Carlos Pinho and Vitória Pinhão.

Considering the several new people that joint Auren lately, Vitor Ladeiro introduced the organization at the level of Portugal and the services available, like Financial Audit, Tax, Consultancy and Corporate Finance. In other hand, the departments of Auren Portugal were presented, just as well the responsible and the collaborators. It was suitable a short presentation by each one.

Subsequently, those new responsibles made a brief description about their career and introduced their collaborators.

Finally, Regina de Sá made a presentation about the international connections: the countries where Auren is present; the work developed at the level of the Auren International and our participation in; and the Antea and its surprising growth. Strong points of Auren were emphasized, once that they were notorious during the Convention.

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