27 September 2015

Auren Germany celebrates Auren Day

Managing partner Lothar Schulz informed about how Auren has developed over the past year, about the revenue, new employees and about general developments of Auren Germany and Auren International. Then Sabine Sämisch introduced herself as the new person in charge of corporate communications at Auren Germany. Anne Rupp informed about the upcoming launch of the Germany-wide intranet AurenInside and the activities of the business development group which was founded as a result of the last Auren Day. In addition, the project team “employer branding” as well as the competence teams “Tax & Legal”, “Tax” and “Audit & Assurance” presented themselves and their work.

The information part of the Auren Day was closed by a short training about “cross selling” and the Auren Expo, during which the different services of Auren Germany were presented and explained. The day ended with a common dinner and a proper party afterwards until the early morning.

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