19 February 2015

Excellent positioning for Auren in the IAB Worldwide ranking

Auren ranks in the classification of Fee Data and 26 in the Staff classification. Note that this time Auren appears for the first time in position number 20 of the regional breakdown in Europe.

As we know, at the beginning of each year the magazine International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) launches this global survey which ranks the 40 networks and associations that are market leaders. Surveys show a deep analysis of the market leaders, networks and partnerships with employee information, turnover and business areas.

This year, the President of Auren International and Antea, Antoni Gómez, was invited to a round table organized by the publication in London, together with other directors of large firms. During the act, Antoni Gómez had the opportunity to know first hand the results of the surveys, attend a networking session with other colleagues and discuss key issues and trends for this year.

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