Your disputes

Nobody likes having legal disputes or other disputes but sometimes they are unavoidable. Thorough preparation and the right legal advice before you start working with other parties can prevent such conflicts from arising in the first place. This is why we recommend drawing up written agreements and other records beforehand that set down the agreed basic principles and the arrangements made with the various parties. This prevents uncertainty should differences of opinion arise, and can prevent you from becoming embroiled in judicial proceedings that can drag on for years.

Our legal professionals will be happy to assist and advise you in all your legal affairs, including in the drafting of contracts and agreements that you enter into with fellow shareholders and partners.


You may also have to deal with disagreements with the tax authorities about your fiscal affairs. You can keep these disagreements to a minimum by entering into an agreement with the Belastingdienst (the Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration) to implement Horizontal Supervision. This is an agreement that is based on mutual trust. The agreement made is that in the event of any uncertainty regarding the taxpayer’s tax affairs, he will discuss them with the tax authorities, which approach means that the Belastingdienst is more inclined to make a tax assessment without carrying out a further investigation.

The fact that we are also a legal consultancy means that we know precisely how to conduct tax proceedings properly, which means you receive the best possible defence of your legal position.

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