Corporate Finance

Auren Nederland offers a full service concept with regard to Corporate Finance questions. Amongst others we advise on mergers and acquisitions, company valuations, funding and the restructuring of companies. In The Netherlands as well as cross-border.

Distinctive Approach

Close to the customer

Companies often fall into long-winded processes when entering Corporate Finance issues. Auren tackles this by applying a different and more personal approach, with regular consultations, to ensure short communication lines.

Specific knowlegde

Experience shows us that specific knowledge is essential. It enables us to think along with you and assures that we anticipate to market developments which concern your company. We are up to date regarding the economic, political and environmental factors of your industry. Because of this, we have the required knowledge to get you from A to Z. Amongst others we are specialized in the following sectors: Metal, Health care, Renewable Energy, Construction, Finance and Hotels-Leisure.


Corporate Finance issues are not limited to our country only. In the current economy, boundaries fade and globalization of companies takes place. Auren acts on this and operates from 60 branches spread across nine countries, including a strong presence in Spanish-speaking countries. Our offices are in touch with each other on a daily basis, making sure that we are always up to date

regarding local legislation.

Through our distinctive character, we add extra value to our services. With a clear and targeted approach we contribute to your goals. Together we are there for your success.

Mergers and acquisitions

Auren Corporate Finance is always ready to help you achieve your business goals, both nationally and internationally. Our proven (inter)national track record provides great expertise, which is one of the reasons why we are able to think out of the box. Due to our approach we are one of the leading corporate finance firms in Spain. We advise in all kinds of transactions: Share transactions, asset purchases, mergers, and transactions related to private equity funds.


Our services consist of:

  • Transaction design and strategic market analysis
  • Company analysis and business valuation
  • Writing an information memorandum
  • Finding and selecting potential buyers/sellers
  • Guiding and coordinating the entire process, from negotiations till the deal closure, whilst integrally giving financial and legal advice.
  • Due diligence.


Financing is important in the acquisition process, but also for the realization of autonomous growth. Auren Corporate Finance can help you attract the financing that suits your needs the best. We are aware of the fact that different sectors require different approaches. For example, think of specific legislation which the healthcare sector needs to meet. Auren Corporate Finance has the required knowledge to deliver you the customized finance you need.


Corporate Finance aims at advising on all aspects of business financing, such as:

  • Financing mergers and acquisitions
  • Growth financing
  • Refinancing
  • Balance restructuring
  • Derivatives such as interest and currency hedges (swaps)


We have broad experience and knowledge of all different kinds of finance instruments, such as:

  • Leveraged financing
  • Senior and mezzanine debt
  • Sales and lease back transactions
  • Crowd funding
  • Working capital financing and other kinds of financing


Corporate Finance services

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