Audit & Assurance

The audit world is changing fast. Developments in auditing practice are proceeding rapidly. Price pressure and quality demands are challenging us to make innovations. New techniques and facilities constantly improve our audit professionals’ performance for clients.

Importance of quality

We believe quality is important. We possess an AFM [Financial Markets Authority] licence for carrying out checks made compulsory by law. For many decades we have been a trusted face for our clients in respect of auditing, but social developments require a fresh approach in order to achieve top performance. It is time for action!

Achieving goals together

We have asked existing and new clients what is needed for this: for making your goals jointly achievable. Together with Auren Audit & Assurance we want to be your sparring or discussion partner in the matter of confidential financial reporting, complying with statutory and industry-specific regulations and an effective and efficient structuring of your auditing organisation tuned to your strategic objectives. Our added value in the field of auditing and assurance is your look of appreciation!

Professionals with passion

Our professionals have industry-specific knowledge and experience in the field of internal audit and assurance. We believe investment in continuous 'on the job' training and taking courses are essential. But nothing can replace the impact on our professionals of inspiring entrepreneurs and the re-creation of their business models, with a passion for their industry.

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