Virtual currencies taxation


As experts in taxation planning and providing the most practical and creative solution for our clients and due to the fact that we are constantly getting updated and react to the new issues that are popping. 

We are dealing with the newest technologies and challenges that are appearing in the taxation discipline. One of the hottest issues that are challenging the world of taxation right now is virtual currencies taxation.  The use of virtual currencies is relatively new as a trade alternative way of payment.

Our team of experts is here to assist you with your tax planning, negotiation and pre-ruling processes facing the authorities.

We are providing our services mainly to companies, but also for individuals and there are some major differences between those two. That depends on several factors that make it a whole different story.

Individuals holding virtual currencies mostly considering trading them and get a nice profit, as for companies there are companies that virtual currencies are already part of her daily business trading activity routine.

Some of our services:

Tax declaration: Companies that are pricing and providing their services in virtual currencies need to calculate some really complicated calculation in order to report the profit correctly to the authorities. The virtual currencies are not yet stable enough which requires some extra attention and a proper treatment when declaring. As for virtual currencies that are kept by a company for a long period can be considered as a capital gain and not as part of the business incomes.

Tax planning for ICO (Coin Offering Initial) Tokens and cryptocurrencies: We are providing tax planning services to start-ups and companies that are based. ICO (Coin Offering Initial) Tokens and cryptocurrencies that are providing to employees as part of their agreement or as options.


You need a specialist in order to deal with this whole wide world that just been open in case that you are about to base your activity in any level on virtual currencies of any kind.


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