VAT (Value Added Tax)


VAT is very comfortable for the government since it requires minimal administration. Businesses calculating the tax, announce it to the authorities and paying it.

VAT should be part of your business planning, in order to control the effectivity and to maintain a profitable and stable organization.

As part of the process, our experts will examine your business accounting processes and identify the weaknesses and potential weaknesses that can affect your business badly if there are no steps taken to prevent and solve them. We are offering your business a solution based on those analysis and developing a plan with your supervisors that will fit optimally to your business.

Our Services:

  • Analysis and optimization of VAT relevant business processes (organization guidelines)
  • Development and implementation of risk management systems (tax compliance)
  • Training of staff
  • Ongoing evaluation of VAT relevant issues
  • Supervision of special VAT audits

We are offering you a combination solution that will lead your business to a long run effective VAT and tax in general, thanks to the ability to costume the solution that is best for your business.  

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