Tax declaration


In most of the cases if you have an income you probably need to fill tax declaration form as an individual, self-employed or a company.

There are some differences between the sector and the category you are in. No matter what is your status or from which sector you are, there is one thing that is sure- you are obligated to pay tax. Your sector and status will affect the parentage and the actual payment in the end.

As for individuals, it can be complicated and that's why you better get the help that you need so there will be no mistakes, getting a professional help can save you money in the end.

In Israel, there is a tax bracket which has a major difference and it is affected by the sum of money you are making. You have the system of credit points that are different and effect by your status, gender and some other parameters and there are expenses that can lower your tax payments.

Other than that there is more complicated function that can affect the amount you should pay as an individual or self-employed.

Self-employees for that matter is the owner of an independent business that is also an individual need to declare his incomes. If he is also working as a salaried employee then it is sometimes complex and in order to pay the tax as he should pay, all the parameters need to be considered and it requires to advice professional advisor to declare a correct deceleration- not to pay too much or less than needed tax. 

As for corporations and companies, it is depending on the size of the company- the salaries are the main factor, the employees are getting the net value and the company is passing the payments to the authorities. Businesses also have incomes and expenses and it is also something that should be a part of the declaration.

There are many more parameters that need to be checked as for the medical condition, VAT and some other situations require a wide knowledge and understanding.

Foreign companies that have incomes in Israel and employees also obligated to declare a tax declaration.

Multi-currency reports: In Israel, the authorities are demanding all the tax declaration statements to provide in ILS and in Hebrew.  In case that you need your statements in different currencies: EUR, Dollars and other coins, we can provide it by demand for declaration overseas. We can also provide the statements in Hebrew and English, with multi-currencies if required.  

We are offering you our services, our team of experts has the deep knowledge and understanding and you will have a peace of mind while you are filling out your forms.

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