International tax


Globalization and international trade are great for those who knows how to produce the best out of it for their businesses.

We are here to help you to leverage your business by analyzing and observing and choosing the route of action.

Every business that enjoys the benefits of the globalization also has some struggling to deal with, the obligation of paying taxes to more than one tax authority and dealing with the dynamic environment while you are operating a business in more than one country confronting your business with challenges. 

Our team has enormous expertise includes years of experience in dealing with international tax matters. We are offering many services such as:

  • Tax structure planning for holdings and investments in Israel and abroad: mergers, company splits, transfer of assets between off-shore companies, reorganizations, benefits, encouragement laws, etc. Providing optimal tax planning and drafting investment activity agreements for during international transactions
  • Assistance with pre-rulings or preliminary with tax authorities: negotiation with the Israeli and foreign tax authorities in order to receive preliminary approval (Pre-ruling) when indicated.
  • Assistance in filing forms in the target countries and working with the various tax entities: preparation of documentation and professional materials (annual reports, financial statements and more) according to the transfer pricing regulations on both local and international levels.
  • Market research for estimating the feasibility of a transaction for tax: strategy and policy formation for transfer pricing compliance
  • Establishing and managing offshore companies: assisting in their business development and representing foreign companies in Israel (Fiscal representative)
  • Assistance and consultations for relocating workers: dealing with local tax matters and other relocation issues.

Due to the changes and in order to encourage the development of international trade and local economies, Israel has signed international trade and economic treaties with 57 countries from all over the world. Those treaties have signed in order to avoid double taxation. Israel is also one of approximately 50 countries that have already signed the BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) multilateral treaties set by the OECD collaborate with the G20. Which should solve the complicity and order a global taxation planning to ease and to solve the main issues regarding global taxation and to prevent evading taxes. This agreement enabling businesses and companies working globally to engage in strategic tax planning and save capital.  Israel is acting to implement the OECD regulation and espouse the treaties, in the local law level regarding sharing information between countries and international taxation ruling.


















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