E-commerce taxation


Although digital trade such as e-commerce make it easy for businesses and individuals to buy and sell worldwide without any problem, there are some issues regarding the tax payments need to pay for goods of any kind and services. There are some difficulties to track all the parches and yet if you have an online business or making money by digital trade you need to know that you are obligated to pay taxes on your incomes like any other incomes.

The OECD organization started to take action and is setting some regularities required regarding the digital trade. So there are still some complications on the way, but there active steps taken in order to supervise the international market and tax the services and goodies property internationally. 

VAT taxation regularities are already active in some countries and there is a plan to expand the coverage and tracking all the online activities in the near future.

Local sale taxation required by most of the EU (European Union) countries when receiving a package coming outside of Europe.

This is only the first steps and it is growing fast, in order to cover the leak of taxes transferring in the digital market.

Drop-shipping getting popular as a way of online trading:

We have an extensive experience consulting and guiding individuals considered or already dealing with drop-shipping online. Drop-shipping requires a deep understanding of global trade taxation but also transfer pricing and the taxation laws in other countries. Which allows us to provide the most professional and updated information.

We are providing our services to businesses and individuals who are partly or fully incomes are made by digital trade. We are also advising businesses and individuals considering starting digital trade as a way of producing income to come and advice our experts, to estimate and build a plan while doing so.

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