Criminal code for tax offences


The boundaries between legal tax shelter and illegal tax evasion are sometimes fluid, so you should be careful and advice experts in order to protect yourself as an individual or as a company.

It is important to understand that in the eye of the criminal code any irregularities are suspicious and can put you in an unwelcome situation, even if there wasn't any attention and you are complete innocents.

We are here to advise you, come and meet with us before you are making your tax arrangements. Every now and then the authorities pick us individuals and businesses to do a checkup on, so you better be prepared and organized. 

Individual's offense and CCO (Corporate Criminal Offence) considered a serious crime, so you better protect yourself and to avoid irregularities in order to protect yourself and your business.

In case that you already dealing with the authorities, we can also give you legal- tax advises and helps you get the best representation needed.

We also provide our service of Voluntary discloser mostly to individuals and attorneys firms, which allows you to come forward and avoid the option of considering a tax offender regarding worldwide incomes.



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