Blockchain taxation


We are remaining updated in the new technologies and sectors that are popping up constantly, that's why we have the possibility to provide the most innovative, creative and relevant solution regarding issues such as blockchain.

The blockchain is a new technology that is constantly on a move right now. It is only the beginning of a massive change that this technology is about to do in the world.

The taxation issues regarding blockchain are complicated and there are many of them. Since it is a totally new world and still in its early stages the changes are tremendous and it is constantly developing- the issues are both in the local and international levels and most likely it is and it will require a combined process to deal with it.

Our services are:

Virtual currencies evaluations: Examination of new virtual currencies in order to evaluate taxation situation and potential.

Taxation planning and strategic planning: Planning and providing a solution that is including blockchain technology as part of the solution.

The new smart contracts: Smart contracts solutions that are combining blockchain technology, in cases requiring a high level of security contracts.

Real estate trade: Real estate trade based on blockchain technology.

Services based on blockchain: Finance, insurance, investments and crowdfunding base on blockchain.

Society and blockchain: Combining blockchain technology into the civil society organizations such as philanthropic activities, non-profit organizations (NPO) and society capital and investments.

We are providing our clients with the unique combination in the whole new world of blockchain that includes complicated processes and navigations. Due to our innovative and creative approach to tax planning changing the world. We have the ability to lead your business into this new world.   









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