Trade law

Trade law

In our day's trade law is much more than what it might sound like. Modern trade law does not apply solely to traders who run a business, but also to skilled crafts and trades, industry and other branches of the economy.

The authorities pay much more attention to agreements between companies and individuals. That doesn't mean necessarily that the agreements between companies is covered, but only that the authorities believe that it requires less protection. Which makes it even more important for that reason to consult and to create a contractual arrangement must be scrutinized beforehand. This way the company can set agreements with a company or an individual and get a full protection if needed at any point.

Our services:

  • Individual advice on matters relating to trade law
  • Drawing up of contracts
  • Matters relating to the commercial register
  • Legal and commercial evaluation of contracts
  • Assistance in negotiations with potential contracting partners

We are recommending you to consult us in case that you are not sure that your business is fully protected while dealing with trade issues of any kind.

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