Labor law

Labor law

Employment law is subject to many amendments as a result of changes to the law or case law. Clear rules bring clarity for employers and employees. In contrast, unclear rules or a lack of regulation often lead to easily avoidable disputes.

Labor law is related to social legislation, which accounts for the specific features of certain situations. As is so often the case, tax law also plays a not insignificant role.

Our legal advisors are able to give you comprehensive and practical advice for your business. Should a dispute be unavoidable, Auren will be on hand to guide you through the case.

Our services:

  • Individual employment contracts for management, directors and (managerial) employees
  • Foreign workers and employment visas, short and long-term
  • Notices of termination for business-related, conduct-related and personal reasons, written warnings if required
  • Cancellation and winding-up agreements
  • Advice on the transfer of operations
  • Status assessment procedures under social insurance law
  • Social insurance for artists
  • Representation at industrial and administrative tribunals

We do realize that dealing with some issues regarding employees can be hard, especially if they are many, so you need help in order to ease the purser. You will manage your business we will take care of your employees' rights and will assist you in the complex legal situation needs attention. 

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