Commercial & corporate law

Commercial & corporate law

Our priority is to advise in order to avoid conflictive situations. If they finally occur, our professionals are ready for the defense.

You need a peace of mind, we are here to help you get it. In order to provide the best defense, our experts have a deep understanding needed.

That means that we can observe the situation and to act on it.

On-going advice: Technical-legal assistance for all types of incorporations of entities and in the general meetings or meetings of the board of directors. Drafting of the by-laws and minutes of the general assembly.

Procedures and technical assistance with the commercial registries: Legalizations of accountancy, official trading books, including the minutes' book, preparation of annual accounts, preparation and deposit of annual accounts, request for an appointment of an auditor.

Commercial contracting, market and competition: Development of all kind of agreements (corporate, franchise, joint venture, distribution, etc.), regulatory Competition compliance and consumer law.

Corporate restructuration: Diagnosis of imminent equity imbalances and legal advice to companies on the legal measures to adopt and insolvency proceedings. Legal support in the filing of voluntary creditors’ meetings. Pre-insolvency situations.

Other actions: Filing of complaints with the Commercial Courts. Challenge and/or defense of defense agreements in view of the opposition to company resolutions and corporate actions of liability of the administrators, protocols between members in family companies, mediation in commercial disputes and planning of the succession in the family company, dealing with the commercial, management, human resource and tax aspects.

We are here to consult, support or accompany your business through processes that can be delicate and needs your attention in the legal field. We got you covered.

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