Business succession

Business succession

We specialize in advice for business owners and their families. The wealth of a business owner or a family usually consists of more than the actual company. Other assets tend to include property at home and abroad, stocks and shareholdings.

Our consultants take an interdisciplinary approach when dealing with the retirement of the owner and the consequent transfer of assets to the next generation.

The wishes and circumstances of the family inform the nature of our advice and dictate the arrangements that are made. Consideration must be given to complex matters relating to company law, inheritance law and taxation.

Qualified and experienced consultants will help you to devise and implement effective solutions.

Our services:

  • Planning advice in the light of inheritance law and company law
  • Advice on the transfer of assets in one's lifetime
  • Drawing up of wills for business owners
  • Advice on contracts of inheritance
  • Conduct of negotiations with family members
  • Tax optimization
  • Asset protection
  • Advice on moving abroad and on multiple residences

We have the understanding needed in order to protect you, your business and your family. Business is never only a business since it is managed by people. 

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