Restructuring & remodeling


An unplanned event can have a devastating effect on a business, especially if your business is small-medium size and not a large scale one.

Yet managing the crisis, whichever form it has is what's making the difference.

Measuring the scale of the crisis and carefully calculating the damage, analyzing the situation. It is critical to manage the crisis correctly and to know what causes it in order to respond as fast as possible, with the right solution.

Our interdisciplinary team of auditors, tax advisors, lawyers, and consultants is needed, both for the analysis and the realignment of the business.

Our Services:

  • Restructuring concepts and guidance through the process.
  • Checks on the ability to pay and planning a cash-flow plan if needed.
  • Personal management and insolvency protection proceedings
  • Legal arrangements in a crisis (debt waivers, restructuring...)
  • Tax-optimized restructuring concepts
  • Social compensation plan advice
  • Taking action of cutting and remodeling of agencies

We will guide you and assist you to achieve the destination and complete the process of restructuring and remodeling your business to assure that your business is back on track.

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