Merger & Acquisitions


Growing a business can be demanding. In order to give your business the chance of growing, there are processes that you need help with so you will take the right steps at the right time.

Buying, selling, joining forces with other companies- those are all processes that are critical for the business that is about to merge or to acquisition with another company.

The process requires some reorganization inside out so you will take the right decisions for your business.

Considering and analyzing the sector might be the first step need to be done so you will have the full image at the exact point of time.

Our involvement provides your securing net while you want to be sure that you are not taking a decision that will affect your business badly.

Our services:

  • One or more valuations (as a standalone product or in the product);
  • Strategic analysis of the sector;
  • Writing sales documents (teasers, information memorandum, etc.);
  • Screening and selection of target buying / Buying companies;
  • Contacting partners and selection of candidates;
  • Negotiations conditions;
  • financial, tax and legal structuring of the transaction;
  • Due diligence (usually offered as a separate product);
  • Drafting of purchase documents (Term-sheets, contracts, etc.);
  • Audits of the closing of the transaction.

We are here to support both sides, whether you are the seller or the buyer we are here to help you get the right decision for you and your business. Our professional vision and the ability to put the finger on the pro and cons of the deal is your assent. We also provide negotiation services and consulting our clients during negotiation processes.



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