Fiscal representative in Israel

Fiscal representative in Israel


Foreign companies and business entities that are about to establish a business in Israel, we are advising you to come and consult with us. Fiscal representative is a great solution that we are providing.

Each business that conducts business activity in Israel is required by law to report and pay taxes to Israeli tax authorities. Before entering into a business activity in Israel, it is advisable either to establish a fiscal representative which functions as a local representative of a foreign business entity or to register as an Israeli company.

A foreign business entity decides not to establish a local company in Israel, it must meet the requirements of section 60 of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Law, 1975* which requires the appointment of a fiscal representative for a foreign company that conducts its business in Israel. The representative may be an Israeli resident or corporation registered in Israel. A foreign company is obligated to report to VAT authorities in Israel within 30 days regarding its representative’s identity for tax purposes.

We are offering our services as your fiscal representatives, to represent your company- submitting tax reports to the tax authorities and managing nonresidents’ funds according to the laws of Israel.

A fiscal representative has personal liability for all tax and legal obligations of the foreign parent company operating in Israel before the authorities.

Our services include:

1. Representation of foreign companies before Israeli authorities, including income tax, VAT, social security, etc.

2. Primary tax planning prior to future transactions (“Pre-ruling“)

3. Supervision of the business activity of the foreign entity in Israel before various local bodies, including business and strategic partners, suppliers, banks, financial institutions, and authorities

4. Assistance in selecting appropriate service providers if needed, such as attorneys, insurance agents, IT systems suppliers, etc.

5. Support in various operational and logistical issues

6. Assistance in relocating personnel to Israel, including employment arrangements, foreign worker status arrangements according to the Trade Law, obtaining special work permits, payroll preparation, etc.

7. Providing auditing, accounting, and financial management services for foreign entities in Israel

8. Executive compensation strategy and options plans in accordance with the benefits and limitations required by Israeli law

9. Business support and financial consulting regarding foreign corporations’ worldwide business activities, with the focus on Israel, including company valuation, due diligence, strategy and business development assistance in international and Israel transactions, PPA, etc.

We are representing many foreign companies that chose to establish a fiscal representation through a local company. This local office or branch functions as a foreign company branch in Israel. 

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