Marketing & sales consulting


Our team is here to consult you so you will know your business marketplace better. We will guide you through the most accurate and creative plan suitable for your target market.

Auren Consulting Israel is a premier and leading consulting firm that brings a unique value to here customers. Our comprehensive national and international market and sales knowledge combined with one-of-a-kind assessment tools uncover the shorter, accurate and focus marketing and sales approach to build the foundation of your go-to-market plan. The plan will uncover the market trends and dynamics required and support businesses to develop, build, and operate a strong business that delivers sustained value growth.

Auren Consulting helps its clients to understand what really drives their marketplace, what is the needed value chain, and develop their competitive advantage to create profitable and sustainable growth.

Our services includes the following:

  • Market Research & Market Analysis
  • Marketing Budget
  • Corporate Identity & Corporate Image
  • Online & Digital Marketing Tools
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertisement in different media
  • Branding management and control
  • Public Relations
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Training
  • Goal & Forecast setting
  • Sales strategic
  • Build, operate and managing sales operation

Auren consulting provides customize solution to her client's which are based on deep analyzing and understanding of all business aspects which will eventually been translated to a practical and functional results.

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