Human resource management


Auren HR experts allow quick and effective response in recruiting and human resource management in dynamic, competitive environment, and intense. This allows to organize resource savings and focusing on the organization core business.

Human resources management has a significant contribution to achieving the objectives of the Organization by recruiting, nurturing and retaining human capital. In today fast-changing market you need the right person at the right time in the right place, and to keep him for a long and hard journey.

Quality and great HR will produce the most and will save you pushes time and money.  Recruited the right person for the right job and managing the human capita carefully to preserve it.

Construction of human resources processes is an important element in the success of HR manager in making a significant contribution to the organization. In order to support Organization's business strategy, we need to match the HR activities to the organizational culture, spirit and targeting effective employees.

We have experience in the construction of human resources in many organizations, allows us to offer your organization a unique and professional knowledge.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Recruiting and recorded professionally and efficiently.
  • Initiation of the process
  • Exception handling procedures (vacation, sickness, treatment, etc.).
  • Feedback and evaluation process.
  •  Wage policy.
  •  Incentive policy.
  •  Organizational communications policy.
  • Termination process.

With Auren Consulting the organization can build better processes that can be measured not only in the writing documents but in the implementation so that all employees will have a measurable result in organizational level and in business level.   

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