Investigating auditing


Investigative auditing is a unique area of expertise in auditing dealing with the prevention and quantification of fraud, embezzlement, and mismanagement of financial and operational activity. Investigative auditing uses a variety of methodologies to test suspected discrepancies in operations or the existence of financial irregularities, embezzlement or illegal uses of funds or other company resources.

The functions of the investigative auditor including examining the organization’s financial processes, conducting a survey regarding exposure to fraud and embezzlement, verifying identification of the discrepancy and determining whether it is a mistake or real fraud, analyzing how the fraud was carried out, quantifying the damage caused to the organization as a result of the fraud, examining organizational processes in order to prevent future errors or fraud when control mechanisms are implemented, and submitting opinions based on the findings of the investigation. Investigative auditing is appropriate for business entities, local authorities and other government and municipal agencies and often constitute the basis for police investigation and legal proceedings.

We are here to provide you the best professional services regarding suspicious activities such as embezzlement and fraud, developing an anti-fraud plan even if needed an examination of your business and operational and financial process in your organization.

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