Spanish tax regulations on matters of transfer pricing regulates the obligation to document operations carried out between related persons or entities, requiring the assessment and justification of such operations having been carried out at a market price.

The absence or falsehood of this documentation involves the application of a specific penalty system, which can be aggressive and certainly disproportionate.

For the suitable fulfilment of these tax obligations, the Auren Transfer Pricing department has considerable experience in advice on this matter, and has duly qualified staff and professionals, OFFERING AN INTEGRATED SOLUTION THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE LIFE-CYCLE OF THE RELATED OPERATIONS OF ITS CLIENTS, providing the following services:

transfer pricing

1. Identification and design of transfer pricing policies in business groups.

    • Definition and modelling of transfer pricing policies.
    • Coordination and collaboration with the different offices of AUREN INTERNATIONAL, providing the client with a geographically global service in the matter of Transfer Pricing.
    • Drafting and/or analysis of intercompany agreements.
    • Design and preparation of Cost-Sharing Agreements.

2. Advice on the fulfilment of the tax obligations of documentation.

    • Drafting of the documentation imposed by the different local regulations: Master File and Local File.
    • Assessment of the tax risk related to the transfer pricing policies established.
    • Supervision and analysis of transfer pricing Reports made by the tax obligor or other entities.
    • Updating of the transfer pricing dossiers to subsequent financial years.

3. Implementation and evaluation of policies established in the matter of Transfer Pricing.

    • Implementation of the transfer pricing policies defined.
    • Assessment of the policies designed in the matter of transfer pricing and verification of their correct application.
    • Assessment of the commercial implications derived from the assessment of related operations.

4. Assistance in the inspection proceedings and Prior Assessment Agreements (PAA).

    • Advice on Inspection proceedings and participation in negotiations with the Tax Authorities.
    • Assistance in Prior Assessment Agreements (PAA) with the tax authorities.
    • Collaboration and resolution of conflicts in amicable proceedings.

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