Auren develops an energy strategy which complies with the regulations pursuant to Directive 2012/27/EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 25 October 2012, on energy efficiency, aimed at the growth of our clients according to the objectives established in Horizon 2020.

The objective set by Auren is to achieve the best results for our clients taking advantage of the different opportunities the current panorama has, for which it is necessary to have up-to-date knowledge and be aware of current trends in the area of energy of management.

Auren is constantly in contact with the Instituto para la Diversidad y Ahorro de la Energía (Spanish Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) (IDAE) and with the National Fund for Energy Efficiency with the objective of obtaining the best support and subsidies for our clients taking advantage of the opportunities offered in order to obtain the best results, through the funds assigned to the EEC (FEDER Funds and FSE Funds).

Auren provides its clients with management strategies to increase energy efficiency, facilitate its management and obtain important savings in energy consumption. To do so, it looks for support in different tools, among which the following are of note:

      • BMS: Auren has satisfactorily developed the Building Management System in different scenariosA methodology guide has been developed for the implementation of these systems at a general level.
      • Energy Management : Auren has the support of Smarkia, an important tool for energy management. It is the most advanced and complete energy manager on the market. This tool enables compliance with the EVO-IMPV Protocol.
      • Implementation of Energy Management Systems (EMA): Pursuant to regulation ISO 50001, the objective of which is to provide organisations with a tool permitting a reduction in consumptions and continuous improvement of energy management.
      • Savings and Energy Efficiency Measures (SEEM): energy audits, measurements and development of SEEM are carried out in the organisations of our clients.
      • Energy Certification: Calculation and preparation of the energy certificate pursuant to the C3 and C3X programmes.

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