Tax advice

Tax advice

Taxation is a necessary element in the corporate strategy. At Auren, we offer tax advice, helping our clients in the analysis process and correct decision-taking regarding those aspects affecting the tax policy and planning of their company. With the confidence to take the best decisions in the tax field.


1.   Tax planning

    • Advice to family companies with interests in several countries.
    • Transfer pricing.
    • Tax planning of international mobility (ex-pats).
    • Taxation in the acquisition of companies (Due Diligence).
    • Planning and advice in indirect taxation

2. Tax management

    • Continual information on the tax news affecting us.
    • Technical assistance in the entire process of liquidation process of Corporation Tax
    • Advice, within the scope of Corporation Tax, of the convenience of applying special tax regimes.
    • Resolution of issues arising within the scope of Income Tax for Non-Residents and of application of the double taxation agreements.
    • Fulfilment of other tax obligations.

3. Inspections, claims and appeals

    • Tax management proceedings.
    • Collection proceedings.
    • Inspection proceedings.
    • Review proceedings.
    • Legal proceedings in the several instances.

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