Media & technology


Auren is committed to the entertainment and new technologies sectors. 

Auren, a multidisciplinary company providing professional services of auditing, legal and tax advice, consultancy and corporate, has a highly qualified team in the sectors of Technologies, the Media and Telecommunications (TMT) as well as in Intellectual Property (IP), being a company recommended in the prestigious legal yearbook LEGAL 500.


Through the “Executive Adviser”, we become trusted advisors in all the phases of the production of audio visual works, designing the strategy of the project and  defining the ways to obtain a return on the investment.


We help authors and creators of any kind to protect their works in traditional and technological environments, with special emphasis on the Internet and social networks.


We represent advertisement agencies, media centres, advertisers and artists, helping them to achieve the desired impact of their advertising campaigns. We analyse reputational value on social networks and in the business models generated in online environments, monetising their impact.


We make a difference thanks to our specialisation, which enables us to protect the rights of videogame developers in traditional and new environments, support gaming operators through positioning strategies and establish the rules for a suitable development of mobile applications (APPs) in equilibrium with the required privacy.


Committing to innovation, we make a difference. We provide advice to crowdfunding platforms (capital) and crowdlending (loans) as alternative ways of financing. We plan the development of the business in its online mode, we protect contents, personal data and we design Social Selling strategies. We apply policies of prevention against electronic fraud as well as policies for the control of the abuse of trademarks and anti-competition actions.

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