Banking law

Banking law

Auren has a large team of lawyers and tax advisors, experts in a wide range of specialities in law, able to provide global services, from a corporate point of view and with a multidisciplinary vision. Our knowledge and experience mean you can trust us.


  • Litigation relating to banking and financial products. We have represented banking institutions in the contracting of swaps, repos, bonds, preferred equity, share options, floor clauses, general contracting conditions, discretional portfolio management, current accounts, leasing, renting, mortgage credits and consumer credits.
  • Litigation in debt recover and insolvency cases.
  • Legal advice related to banking and financial products, consumer and user right,  Financial Instruments Market and Securities Market Act regulations and, in general, any regulation affecting the Banking Sector, in the marketing, contracting and subsequent fulfilment of the financial and banking products made available to the clients, whether professional or retailers.
  • Advice on financing, syndicated and acquisition operations. In the same way, we have advised on and participated in all types of re-financings of companies in crisis situations, whether or not within the insolvency field.
  • We participate in the negotiation and drafting of all types of agreements, as well as in the review of documentation of banking policies and consumer or private bank agreements.
  • We respond to consultations, requests and claims from various supervisory bodies, whether the SEPBLAC, CNMV, AEPD or the Bank of Spain.

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