Litigation, mediation and arbitration

Litigation, mediation and arbitration

Peace of mind. Be sure that the decisions taken meet the requisites of the law and have the best defence in conflictive situations.

This is how we gain the confidence of our clients. Our priority is to advise in order to avoid conflictive situations. If they finally occur, our professionals are ready for the defence.


The team of litigation and arbitration lawyers of Auren is expert in dispute resolution by acting before the courts of justice in the different fields; civil, commercial, labour, administrative, etc. and in arbitration proceedings. We advise our client in order to avoid the possible dispute and, where this unavoidable, to face it in the best possible conditions.


The arbitration is a procedure through which a dispute, by mutual agreement between the parties, is submitted to an arbitrator or court of several arbitrators to issue a decision on the dispute, which is binding on the parties. When choosing arbitration, the parties are choosing a private dispute resolution procedure instead of going to court.


Mediation is a procedure for resolving disputes. In the event of a dispute, a third party, whose task is not to decide or offer a solution, facilitates the communication and  negotiation process between the parties so that they might reach an agreement which is satisfactory for both.

Our professionals have received specific training and have the experience to mediate in corporate conflicts. Our multidisciplinary approach helps us to understand complex problems in order to help to weigh up possible solutions and agreements.

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