Intellectual Property and New Technologies


Advice on Industrial and Intellectual Property (IP) and Technologies, the Media and Telecommunications (TMT).

The suitable protection, exploitation and defence of the rights involved in this matter, of great economic and strategic importance for companies, requires legal advice with a high degree of specialisation.

Auren has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in these fields, and it is a company specially recommended in the prestigious international legal directory LEGAL 500


We embrace all the areas of specialisation related to these matters:

 Industrial Property

  • Distinctive signs: trademarks and commercial names.
  • Inventions: patents and utility models.
  • Designs: models and industrial drawings.
  • Unfair competition.
  • Industrial secrets, confidentiality and technology transfer.

Intellectual Property

  • Copyright of intellectual property works.
  • Rights related to copyright.
  • Protection and exploitation of all types of works: literary, artistic, publications, recordings, pictures, software, multimedia works, data bases, etc.
  • Assignment of rights and use and exploitation of own and others’ works.

Media and Audiovisual

  • Film, television, theatre and music productions.
  • Gaming (online and offline), videogames and mobile applications.
  • Advertising, merchandising and sponsorship
  • Image rights, protection of honour and intimacy

New Technologies

  • Internet and mobile devices.
  • Electronic commerce and contracting of services online.
  • Web pages.
  • Social networks.
  • Personal data.

We have proven experience in the sector of Entertainment and of the New Technologies, in which we advise to a great number of important and successful productions, including film, theatre and music productions, or those intended for television, the Internet and mobile devices, as well as authors and creators of all kinds of works, including videogames and mobile applications.

Furthermore, we advise clients, national and foreign, coming from other multiple diverse sectors of the market, supporting them in all phases in which they could need help, from the initial protection and acquisition of data,  through the exploitation thereof and until the defence thereof before a court, where we have a long history of success representing our clients in disputes including intellectual property rights, trademarks, designs, unfair competition and advertising, as well as pharmaceutical patents.

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