Financial criminal law


According to current legal regulations, legal entities may be attributed and declared responsible for the offences that the following persons may commit:

  • De facto or de jure administrator.
  • The legal representative and those in charge of the management and control of the entity.
  • Any employee or dependent person due to the lack of control of the executives.

Therefore, it is necessary to implement a system for the detection and prevention of crimes, with the objective of identifying and preventing the committing of crimes carried out by any of them.


1- Risk analysis

    • Analysis of activities and risks.
    • Impact evaluation.

2- Plan for the treatment of risks and improvements

    • Inventory of measures to be implemented.
    • Improvement of the existing controls and proposals for new measures.
    • Communication channel.
    • Disciplinary system.
    • Action plan.

3- Compliance officer protocol

    • Creation of an independent control body.
    • Creation of internal regulations.
    • Support for the compliance officer.

4- Training and coaching

  • Training for the employees and directors on the protocols developed.

5- Follow-up and updating

    • Periodical verifications.
    • Combined technical support.

Jointly with our consultancy division, we have developed a system for the detection and prevention of crimes to be implemented in all kind of legal entities subject to being convicted for a criminal act, and have experience in all the aspects of the prevention and detection of offences, from risk analysis, to the periodic review and updating of the system.

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