Administrative, urban and real estate law


At Auren, we look for the most suitable, profitable and efficient solutions in operations related to any kind of properties. You can be sure of specialised knowledge in the matter so that you do not have to worry about your real estate transactions.


1- Urban planning law

    • Reports.
    • Urban planning management: co-operation, expropriation, compensation.
    • Compliance: licences.
    • Planning.

2- Real Estate and property law

    • Actions in all types of real estate transactions.
    • Management and procedures with Land Registries. Advice on sale and purchases and leases.
    • Review and draft of lease agreements.
    • Advice on pre-contracting.
    • Legal management of judicial, arbitral and management proceedings.
    • Taxation of real estate  transactions.

3- Administrative law

    • Legal management of administrative and contentious-administrative proceedings.
    • Administration asset liability.

Resources of interest

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