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Our main added value is that we provide solutions for the needs of our clients, and so so from a position of proximity, using experienced multidisciplinary teams to achieve excellent results.

We are aware of the problems of our clients and we involve ourselves in resolving them, providing the flexibility required for working according to the needs of the companies, experiencing the day-to-day life of the business when necessary, or guiding and training people in advanced improvement methods.


We define optimisation projects by identifying and prioritising areas of improvement, cost reduction projects, ongoing improvement projects, reengineering, etc.

1-Improvement in productivity and performance

By using the lean method, we help organisations to identify and systematically eliminate wastage (consuming resources without producing value). We mainly apply the method in three sectors: manufacturing, office and healthcare.

An improvement in productivity analyses where there are opportunities to act, either to maximise income or remove sources of a loss of time or money.

2-Standard management services and excellence

We help organisations to improve their management by implementing internationally  recognised models (ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, UNE 166002, EMAS, etc.) to provide an integrated vision of the management, implementing a culture of permanent measurement and a continual improvement in processes. We also help with the implementation of EFQM excellence models and specific models by sector: IRIS, UNE 13816, ISO TS-16949, BRC, IFS, etc.

3-Supply chain

The management of the supply chain includes all activities from the supplier to service to the client, including purchasing, supply and inventory, all guided by the management of demand. The correct management of provisions is the key to success in our supply chain. Logistics management should guarantee the continual supply of materials, ensuring the service level at an optimum cost.

4-Industrial safety

We offer integrated industrial safety services main in four areas of specialisation:

  • Machine safety.
  • Process safety.
  • Review of legal requisites and validation of compliance.
  • Construction, environment and installations.

5-Energy services

We perform energy consultancy services mainly in six areas:

  • Energy studies and diagnoses.
  • Optimisation of contracts and tariffs.
  • Management of equipment procurement, systems, energy supplies and services.
  • Viability studies on the use of renewable energies.
  • Outsourced energy management service.
  • Implementation of energy management services.


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