Human resource management


The purpose of human resource management is to contribute towards achieving an efficient organisation, adapting the structure to the strategy and ensuring workers are competent and committed to a common purpose; hiring qualified staff, developing their potential and appropriately recognising their performance. 

Our differences and advantages lie in the simplicity and speed with which we carry out projects, our experience in all types of services, the application of our own methods with proven success in different sectors and fields, and a team of expert consultants offering personalised treatment, as well as open ongoing communication.


1-Hiring and evaluation

Traditional hiring: based on choosing the candidate through the entire service protocol contained in the 6 stages of a traditional hiring procedure.

Headhunting: based on choosing the candidate by identifying and locating professionals currently holding a similar post in another organisation.

Modular hiring: offering clients a service focused on any stage of a selection process, setting an agreed work schedule in accordance with their needs.

Interim management: the Interim manager is an expert professional, an executive, whom we hire temporarily (for a limited period) to meet a certain objective.

2-Training and skills management

In-company training

      • Training in management skills.
      • Training for improving efficiency and productivity.

External training: Outdoor training

Training and development policies/actions

      • Identification of training needs.
      • Training plans.
      • Succession and professional career plans.
      • 360º study.
      • Individual or group coaching.
      • Career Transition and Advice Programme (CTAP). Outplacement.

3-Strategic staff management

      • Staff strategic alignment.
      • Organisational studies (HR auditing).
      • Job Analysis and Description (JAD).
      • Job Valuation (JV). Auren Valora© system.
      • Planning and optimisation of staff.
      • Remuneration studies.
      • Skills Management Systems (SMS).
      • Strategic advice on HR management.
      • Performance Management System (PMS).
      • Equality Plan (EP).
      • Working Environment (WE) study.
      • Talent appraisal.
      • Flexible programme for People Management Support (PMS).

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