Governance, ethics, risk & compliance


Corporate Governance has become a fundamental instrument for reaching objectives and, at the same time, providing trust for all interest groups and ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources.

The complexity of the current environment and strategic/operational requirement need solutions with multidisciplinary teams (strategy, processes, technology, regulatory, auditing, lawyers and advisors).

At Auren, we help you and accompany you throughout the entire journey to find the best solution dealing with problems from different areas, which allows us to find specific solutions from various perspectives.


1- Corporate Compliance

  • Implementation and review of crime prevention and detection systems.

2- Corporate Governance and business ethics

  • Advice to boards of directors.
  • Digital (web) environment governance.

3- Corporate Social Responsibility

We work in three clearly different areas:

  • CSR management.
  • Sustainability reports.
  • Environment.

4- Risk management

  • Advice on the identification, evaluation and prioritising of business risks.

5- Regulatory compliance

  • Privacy and Data Protection Law.
  • Prevention of Money Laundering.
  • Occupational Health and Safety.

6- Forensics

  • At Auren we help our clients face the risks which may arise in organisations, through crime prevention and detection.

Resources of interest

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