Economic development & strategy


Within a complex territorial context, the public sector plays an essential role in the fostering and strengthening of the business structure of the territory and, as a result, in job creation.

At Auren, we offer different Public Authorities advice and assistance with defining strategic keys and the implementation of measures for economic development, both territorial and sectorial, supporting competitiveness and job creation. Furthermore, we support the capturing of investors and obtaining of financing for the implementation of the projects.


1-Territorial strategy 2-Sectorial strategy

  • Tourism
  • Trade and Services
  • Industry

3-Entrepreneurship and job creation 4-Project financing

Our best endorsement is our experience, obtained thanks to the execution of numerous projects throughout the territory for the public sector in matters of economic development and employment. Projects executed on different scales, with some of them receiving national and European awards for their innovative nature or results, and with the guarantee that all our works have certificates of correct execution issued by the public bodies served.

Resources of interest

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