At Auren, we offer services with specialised teams, providing our clients with practical solutions. Consolidated services meeting occasional or general needs arising in the different areas of organisations: production, staffing, administration, commercial or management, on a global level. Our multidisciplinary nature and experience in sharing projects among various specialists confer on our actions a highly operational value.


1- Economic development and strategy 

  •  Territorial strategy. 
  • Sector strategy. 
  • Entrepreneurship and job creation. 
  • Project financing.

2- Commercial development and business  

  • Planning and commercial development. 
  • Analysis of demand. 
  • Development of products and services.
  •  Image and communication. 
  • Technology platforms and tools. 

3 Governance, ethics, risk and compliance 

  • Corporate compliance. 
  • Corporate Governance and business ethics. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. 
  • Risk management. 
  • Regulatory compliance. 
  • Forensics.

4- Processes, operations and engineering

  • Improvement in productivity and performance. 
  • Standard management services and excellence. 
  • Supply chain. 
  • Industrial safety. 
  • Energy services.

5- Human resource management 

  • Hiring and evaluation. 
  • Training and development. 
  • Strategic staff management. 
  • Equality plans.

6- Information technology  

  • ICT advice. 
  • Business intelligence. 
  • Solution implementation. 
  • IT systems and infrastructures. 
  • Web development and mobility. 
  • Information security.


  • Implementation abroad. 
  • Management and control of international subsidiaries. 
  • Management and reporting systems. 
  • Certification and regulation of products.

Resources of interest

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