Transaction Services

A transaction is complex project and needs an efficient project management

Transactions (buy or sell of companies) are for all involved parties a very challenging situation. The seller has to resign his lifework and the buyer has to decide on the base of limited information.

The transaction has usually impact on all areas of a company. Therefore we need experts from different areas and they have to work hand in hand. This is one of the advantages of Auren. Our auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and consultants know the specifics of a transaction from numerous projects. The project is always lead by an experienced and professional M&A advisor. He takes care of a smooth and clear process.

Take benefit from these experiences and avoid a unsuccessful transaction. We support you during the whole process of the transaction.

Our services:

Project Management

  • Deal structuring and steering of the transaction process
  • Complex project management tasks
  • Development of transaction scenarios

Vendor Advisory

  • Preparation of the transaction project
  • Deal-Sourcing and coordination of the tendering procedure
  • Preparation of the financial factbook and information memorandum
  • Preparation of the data room
  • Preparation of management presentation
  • Support the entire negotiatons process
  • Legal and tax structuring of the deal
  • Preparation of the sales and purchase agreement

Seller Advisory

  • Target research
  • Entire due diligence process
  • Legal and tax structuring of the deal
  • Preparation of the sales and purchase agreement
  • Post Merger Integration

Our experts

Wolfgang Schnöller

Certified public auditor, Certified tax consultant

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