Spanish-German Desk


Do you have plans to become active, or are you active already in either the Spanish market, the German market or both markets? Do you have plans to start up a business or to set up a subsidiary or a branch? Then Auren is the right partner for you.

Tax, legal and financial experts in both countries

Our extensive professional experience and knowledge of the Spanish and German market, in combination with our multidisciplinary cooperation, are the best guarantees we can offer you to provide you with the highest level of service. More than 800 Auren professionals are at your disposal in Germany and Spain to assist you with any tax, legal or financial questions you may have, as well as for ongoing support. 

One point of contact for all your questions

When entering a new market, many questions will generally arise. The members of the Spanish-German desk will support you with these questions. We are familiar with the legal and cultural characteristics of both countries. The members of the Spanish– German desk are all highly experienced professionals with a background in accounting, (international) taxation and business development.

Just contact us, we will support you! 

Our experts:

  Eulalia Galceran | Abogada, Asesora Fiscal | +49 711 99786835 |
   Christian Steinwachs | Wirtschaftsprüfer | +49 7751 874023 |
 Anne Rupp | Business Development | +49 711 99786814 |


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