Innovative wage concepts

Bonuses instead of wage rises

Skilled employees make a substantial contribution to the success of a company. They are not just interested in job security, however.

Workers in every sector and every job want an attractive salary package. Innovative wage concepts look at different approaches to remuneration. At the same time, use is made of wage components that are as advantageous as possible for employees and businesses.

In many cases, the legislative authorities provide opportunities by allowing special forms of payment. In order to exploit these to the full, it is essential to consider exact tax scales and upper earnings limits, comply with requirements and adapt to ever-changing jurisprudence.

Choose whether you would prefer simply to make use of an introductory advice service, have an annual update on legal changes or apply a complete salary optimisation concept.

Our services at a glance:

  • Advice on the design of wage concepts
  • Illustration of net wage components
  • Legally compliant practices with compilation of expert reports and requests for information
  • Supervision of negotiations with works councils and other bodies
  • Full contract preparation service for net wage components
  • Monitoring of compliance with requirements for wage concepts
  • Use of framework agreement conditions for employee cards or similar

Would you like to find out more about innovative wage concepts? Our expert will be happy to advise you.

Our experts

Birgit Ennemoser

Managing director Human Resources

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