Employer Branding

Position your company as a reliable and attractive partner for customers and employees.

Employer Branding is a strategic measure in which concepts of marketing – especially branding – are used to illustrate a company as an attractive employer and emphasize this company in the job market positively.

The main target of Employer Branding is to improve the efficiency of the recruiting and the quality of the applicants by the positive effect of the marketing efforts. Furthermore qualified and dedicated employees shall be retained by a higher identification and emotional allegiance to the company. This idea of the employers was born in response to the decreasing numbers of talented and qualified professionals and executives on the job market.

The specialists of Auren support and advise you establishing an employer brand so that you will acquire the best employees for your company in the future.

Our services:

  • Definition of your employer brand
  • Implementation of Employer Branding in your company
  • Developing strategies for the communication on the job market
  • Streamline your recruiting processes
  • Consulting in employment marketing
  • Consulting in apprenticeship marketing

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