DATEV Unternehmen Online (DUO) - on the way to a paperless office

Are you ready for Digital Accounting?

Digital accounting creates new opportunities for your company’s entire commercial process and in the collaboration with us - your tax advisors at Auren. And the changeover from classic accounting in paper form towards accounting with digitised vouchers is less complex than you think! Feel free to contact us.

What is DATEV Unternehmen Online (DUO)?

DUO is a web-based platform by DATEV for the digital exchange of data between you (client) and Auren (firm) and a medium for your audit-proof digital archiving!  

How does DUO work?

  • All of the accounting-relevant vouchers in your company are scanned and sent to the DATEV data centre.
  • With DATEV software, Auren has direct access to your vouchers and can load, check and link them with a posting record. This information is transferred back to the data centre.
  • After the accounting is completed, Auren provides you with your business analyses in the data centre. You can access these from any location and import them e.g. into Excel. You can trace the analyses in detail, right up to the account sheet, with individual postings and vouchers.
  • Data security is guaranteed by the use of personal DATEV-mIDentity (stick) with a smartcard, which only functions with a personal PIN. These sticks enable the allocation of individual access rights for your employees, e.g. only scan vouchers with access to the OPOS list. Alternatively, access is also possible with a smartphone (SmartLogin). 

What are the advantages for your company?

  • Original vouchers remain with you, which you can access at any time.
  • Would you like to destroy your vouchers after digitisation? Discuss with us, which conditions need to be fulfilled for this.
  • You can view digital vouchers and analyses at any time and from any location via the DATEV Internet platform.
  • You can adapt the posting cycle to your requirements. For example, a weekly analysis of your accounting is possible, including timely OPOS analyses.
  • Use the audit-proof archive with a search function. This way, you never need to search for an invoice again in dusty folders.
  • Bank online allows payments to be made from a digital voucher with automated control of the account transactions.
  • Various checks support proper electronic account management, checking of negative balances, chronology and archiving.
  • With automatic invoice recognition, payments are prepared so that duplicate entries are avoided.
  • Various sending methods are offered in payment services.
  • We can import the accounting-relevant data from your previous system. 

First impression

Would you like to get a first impression of the functionalities of DUO? Then, have a look at this 2-minute DATEV demo video (in German).

Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions about the use or setup of  DUO or would you like us to advise you? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to provide you with advice and assistance.

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