DATEV Unternehmen Online - On the way to the paperless office

DUO - DATEV Unternehmen Online - is an Internet-based platform for the digital Exchange of vouchers between you and Auren.

How does DUO work?

The principle is simple: You scan in your vouchers and send them to the DATEV data centre using the voucher transfer tool. Now the vouchers are available to you and Auren. The digital voucher is posted directly with us. From this point in time, evaluations can be provided in DUO. In order to guarantee the secure exchange with the DATEV Internet platform, you will receive a personal DATEV mIDentity Stick with a dedicated PIN.

Which advantages do you have?

You retain the original vouchers. Thanks to the digital access, your advisor and you always have the possibility of viewing and evaluating vouchers - at any time and place. In consultation with you, the prompt booking of your vouchers is also possible. These can be evaluated flexibly and promptly afterwards - depending on your requirements: OPOS lists, business assessments, account sheets, right up to an individual posting with the voucher. DUO also offers the possibility of searching for vouchers, archiving vouchers and making direct payments.  Therefore, you no longer need separate banking software, but can create payment recommendations directly from the digital voucher image and execute the payments. This way, we can also provide you with the monthly payment files for wages and salaries. DUO also offers you an auditable electronic cash journal (incl. minus check). With DUO, office procedures in our company can be simplified and optimised.

What is required for DUO? 

In order to be able to use DUO for you and/or your company, you need to provide the following technical requirements:

  • Windows operating system 7, 8.1. or 10
  • Internet Explorer
  • Various DATEV tools, which you can obtain free-of-charge by downloading
  • Scanner

How much does DUO cost?

The DUO application of DATEV costs you EUR 9/month. For this, up to 10 users can be logged in, each with a mIDentity, and an infinite number of companies can be maintained. In addition to this, there is a storage fee from EUR 3.50/month, based on data volume (per company). The 1st mIDentity stick is free-of-charge for you. Each additional stick is available for a one-off payment EUR 54. The costs for the optional set-up of DUO by an Auren DATEV system partner with you on site will be charged based on time and materials.

First impression

Would you like to obtain a first impression of the DUO functionalities? Then have a look at this 2-minute demo video of DATEV.

Do you still have questions?

Do you have questions about the use or set-up of DATEV Unternehmen Online or would you like us to advise you? We will be pleased to provide you with advice and assistance.

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