Personal management/administration

Professionalism in HR work

The personnel departments of companies enjoy differing degrees of appreciation. However, the fact is that companies can often end up in great difficulty without proper employment contracts and correct legal provisions, by which time they appreciate the importance of meticulous HR work.

The amount of administrative tasks is constantly increasing. These are so complex that the need for suitable expertise is also rising exponentially.

If required, we can come to your business premises and take over all the day-to-day operations of a professional HR department and deal with any queries your employees may have.

Alternatively, you can outsource these processes to us and we will assist you in dealing with the work.

Together with lawyers and tax consultants from Auren, we can offer you comprehensive personnel management/administration solutions.

Our services at a glance:

  • Preparation of employment contracts and additional agreements
  • Support and advice for employees, managers and the works council, as well as supervision of discussions of any nature
  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • Preparation of references and written warnings
  • Preparation of notices of termination and termination agreements as and when required and in cooperation with you
  • Dealing with all correspondence and direct contact with authorities
  • Preparation of accident reports and monitoring of occupational safety
  • Standardisation of insurance cover
  • Monitoring of deadlines, including trial periods and contract terms
  • Provision of IT tools to handle processes

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