Employment law consultancy

Pragmatic handling of complex subjects and legal security for you

Employment law becomes more complex with every passing year. The sheer number of judgments and amendments to the law pose ever greater challenges for businesses.

Individual employment contracts hold a great many opportunities, but there are hidden risks as well. We will show you where there is room for manoeuvre. Not only will we give you advice on how to draw up a contract, we will also do it for you and with you.

Needless to say, our job is not finished once new employees are appointed. Above all, it also covers the monitoring of a work contract with or without a works council in order to ensure that you have legal protection at every stage in the event of staff severance.

We devise collective regulations such as appraisal systems, monitoring opportunities, capacity-oriented flexible working time (KAPOVAZ), flexitime models and trust-based working time models. We will also work with you on amendments to wage agreements or draw up a company wage agreement.

Owing to restrictions in the professional code of practice (Legal Services Act - RDG), this is done with lawyers at Auren who specialise in labour law. You will thus benefit from the pragmatic approach of Auren Personnel Services and the legal protection afforded by using Auren lawyers.

Our services at a glance:

  • Drafting of individual contractual regulations
  • Preparation of references and written warnings
  • Formulation of notices of termination, early retirement, models for reduced hours prior to retirement and straightforward cancellation agreements
  • Involvement of official bodies such as the Federal Employment Agency, works council and committee on economic affairs
  • Formulation of works agreements of any kind

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